My Daddy and Me

When I was little I had a replogle in my mouth.  All I could think about was how to get it out.  More drool to soften the tape, wiggle my tongue round and round to cork screw the replogle out.  My nurse would spend all day thinking of ways to tape it down real good,  and I would spend all day thinking of ways to get it out real good.  It was a fun game we played daily.

But now I am a big girl, with no more replogle, so I have more time to think about big girl things.  Recently I was thinking about getting into college.

You can’t get into college unless you have good grades.  You can’t get good grades unless you write a paper for school.  School papers are not easy, so I don’t want to wait until the last minute.  Therefore I decided to get started while I am sitting around waiting to bust out of the NICU.

My paper is called “My Daddy and Me”.  I am sharing my rough draft with you today hoping to receive some constructive feedback.  Remember its a work in progress, and is not due for many years, so be gentle.


My Daddy and Me

by Anna Catherine Thibodeaux


My Daddy works far far away.  My Daddy came home to visit me this summer.  My Daddy and Me took pictures when he was home.  Here are the pictures.

My Mommy loves my Daddy:




My Daddy makes sure Mommy does every thing right:


AnnaCatherine007_0033_Compress Doc



Mommy thinks its funny when My Daddy tells her what to do:

AnnaCatherine007_0032_Compress Doc


My Daddy loves to hold me:


AnnaCatherine007_0014_Compress Doc




I love to sleep in My Daddy’s arms.

AnnaCatherine007_0018_Compress Doc


My Daddy plays with my toys and makes them do silly things.

AnnaCatherine007_0024_Compress Doc

AnnaCatherine007_0013_Compress Doc


I love it when My Daddy reads and talks to me.

AnnaCatherine007_0015_Compress Doc

AnnaCatherine007_0017_Compress Doc


My Daddy loves to take my photo.  My Daddy has a gazillion photos of me already.



My Daddy holds my hand all the time:





My Daddy loves me:



I love My Daddy!

The End


So there you have it America; the rough draft of my first school paper.  Its about My Daddy so I think its pretty good.   I haven’t been to school yet so I’m am not sure if it needs more work.  Send me your feedback and I’ll make the necessary adjustments.

Stay Cute America!

Anna Catherine


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