This week we see the gas lamps are installed, and the kitchen cabinets and fireplace is in progress.  Next week we should see the upper cabinets complete, fireplace complete, and hopefully the start painting.

Below are our latest photos.

The Bevolo gas lanterns are installed.  Danyale and Ellen chose the French Quarter 24″.


These two photos show the lower cabinets being installed in the Kitchen.  In the second photo you can see they have made the cut for the pass-through between the Appliance Pantry and the Kitchen. Our cabinet designer, Rodney, has designed a sliding shelf where heavy things like a kitchenaids or gumbo pots can be slid from the Appliance Pantry into the Kitchen.  It will all be concealed by the upper cabinets which Ellen and Rodney have designed to fold up and out of the way when in use.


Fire place is still under way.  Its being build by the same Romanian masons who created our balcony columns.  I believe all they have left to do is create the leaf scroll work on the left and right sides.



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