Its been a long time since our last update on our Lanes End construction project.  Things were going slow for a while. The tile floors are installed; cabinets are installed in the office, bathrooms, master closet, living room, food pantry, applicant pantry, mail drop, and laundry room. The iron railing on the balcony and stairs are complete.  So is the exterior paint.  This coming week should see the gas lamps installed as well as the kitchen and bar cabinets… If we are lucky maybe even the fireplace.

Below are our latest photos.

The balcony railing and exterior paint  is complete.



2014-08-27 16.17.13_Compress-Doc

These photos show the tile pavers for the exterior floor.


2014-09-25 14.11.56._Compress-Docjpg

2014-10-12 14.45.34_Compress-Doc

2014-10-12 14.46.01_Compress-Doc

Here we see photos of the master bath, specifically the entry, the shower, Brian’s vanity and Danyale’s vanity.



2014-09-25 14.12.30_Compress-Doc

These photos are not the best, but they try to show the two built-in dressers in the master closet.


Here are the stairs.


Entertainment center in the living room.  Still under construction.


We are very pleased with the french scroll legs for the cabinetry in Anna Catherine’s bathroom.


Mail drop area between the garage and kitchen.


2014-09-25 14.14.06_Compress-Doc

Food Pantry.


Appliance Pantry


Office built-in credenza.



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