Its been a long time since our last update on our Lanes End construction project.  Exterior columns are up, wood floors are down, interior brick arches are complete, tile is being installed in all the bathrooms, cabinetry for the whole house  is being designed.  Ellen and Danyale are working on colors and fabrics.  Its all starting to come together.

Below are our latest photos.

The balcony columns are complete, one layer of color coat has been applied to the front stucco.  Ellen and the iron guy are working on the iron railing for the balcony.

Here is an exterior shot of the Master Bedroom sitting area.

Another shot from the back yard looking at the outdoor living area.  Antique beams are up, brick fireplace and arch are complete.  Danyale and Ellen decided to paint the back doors instead of staining them.

Here you see the outdoor fireplace, and towards the right you see the large brick arch.  Eventually we will have a grill and smoker built into a brick counter under the arch.  Work on that will not begin until much later.

The brick arches between the Dining Room and Foyer are complete, and the antique pine floors are down.  The floors will be sanded and finished closer to completion.

Here is a shot of the Dining area that shows the brick and floors coming together.  The shot also shows the interaction between the Foyer, Dining Room, and Kitchen.

This is a shot coming down the stairs looking towards the Kitchen.

Here is an inside shot of the sitting area inside the Master Bedroom.  Danyale and Ellen have big plans for the window treatments and fabrics for this area.

Its hard to take photos of the Master Bath.  This shot shows the arches between my area, the tub and shower area, then Danyale’s area deeper into the photo.

Here is the wall at Ellen’s Office where the girls are choosing and coordinating all wall colors, fabric, tile, etc. for the whole house.  When I took this photo we were still driving around with Anna Catherine’s fabrics in the car.  A day or so after this photo was taken, Ellen pinned up all the choices for Anna Catherine’s room.  They were very pretty, I wish I had a photo including her colors.


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