Our new house construction on Lanes End is well underway.  This week the antique wood beams were installed, exterior doors stained,  and the outdoor fireplace is coming along.  Next week should begin installation of insulation, sheetrock, and we should finish up the last few sections of exterior brick.

Below are the latest photos:

Stained Doors

First up we see the newly stained french doors. Danyale wanted a dark stain, I really like what she chose. I can’t wait to see the front of the house once the brick is installed and painted, and the color coat is applied to the stucco arches.

Under Soffit Details

Next up we see the penetrations for the soffit mounted architectural lighting, and soffit mounted electrical receptacle. Anthony is placing architectural lighting at key exterior locations. Also, we planned to have several hidden receptacles for holiday lighting.

Ceiling Boards

Here we see a stack of old cypress boards that will be used for the patio and outdoor living room ceiling.

Exposed Beams

Next we see two of the exposed antique pine beams delineating the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Outdoor Fireplace

Here is our poor old outdoor fireplace. Its been redone so many times, nuances between the plans and real life caused some rework, but Anthony found a solution and its moving in the right direction. Soon it will be bricked in. I can’t wait to see the finished product, this outdoor space may be my favorite part of the house.

Back Door to Bar

This photo shows the back door leading to the bar and kitchen. Danyale planned to paint these doors, but they have been stained. We all think they look good, so we will leave them stained.

New House

Finally, we see the front of the house again. This time the doors are stained, second floor stucco has its color coat, the first floor arches have their architectural details added, and scratch coat installed. We are awaiting brick installation under the porch, and color coat on the first floor stucco.


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