Progress continues on our new house at Lanes End, exterior doors have been installed, stucco on the second floor has begun, and the pre-wiring for the lights, electricity, home automation, audio, and video distribution systems are complete.  Brick should be going up soon, then insulation and drywall.

Anthony has a lead on some old planks from Chicago for the hardwood floors.  If acceptable they will be shipped to the mill and made ready for our house.

Here are the latest photos:

2014-04-20 15.52.13_compress-doc

First up is the front of the house.  You can see all the doors on the first and second floor are installed.  They are cypress and will be stained once we get to that phase.  You can also see the stucco being applied to the second floor balcony area, there are multiple layers of stucco this appears to be an early layer.  I almost forgot about the roof, the shingles are being installed.  Danyale tells me their color in the photo looks darker than in real life.


2014-04-20 15.52.57_compress-doc

Next up we have a view of the living room, we’ve see a similar photo like this before at an angle, this time we are looking straight toward the back of the house. You can see the beginnings of the fireplace box on the left. The wood posts in the foreground will be exposed brick arches eventually.


2014-04-20 15.54.02_compress-doc

Here we have a shot of the beginnings of the fireplace in the outdoor living room.  This area will have a large exposed beam vaulted ceiling.  Anthony is concerned about smoke accumulation coming off the barbecue pit being trapped in the vaulted ceiling.  We’ll probably install some kind of powered vent in the ceiling, Anthony has a call out to our appliance dealer for a solution.


2014-04-20 15.54.46_compress-doc

Lastly we have a view of the dining room and foyer.  This photo gives us a different angle on the front door, allowing us to see how the stairway intersects with the foyer.  Again, those wooden columns will be exposed brick arches once everything is complete.

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