Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my favorite things.  I’m so little right now, I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know all the typical favorites things in the world.  My Mommy is my favorite person and Fuzzy Lamb is my favorite friend, but that is as far as I’ve gotten.  What’s my favorite color?  What’s my favorite toy?  What’s my favorite song?  By the time I’m bigger I’ll need to have all these things picked out.  Its overwhelming.

So I’m trying to use my time wisely and start choosing some favorite things while I’m hanging out in the NICU.  My favorite person and favorite friend were easy.  The next logical favorite to choose is my favorite food.  All they give me is milk right now, and that ok… but its hardly favorite material.  If I understand things correctly, one day Mommy is gonna loosen up, when she’s ready she’ll give me the good stuff like strawberries, cotton candy, and dipped ice-cream cones.  How is a baby supposed to choose?  There are so many foods out there like Pizza, Watermelon, and Mongolian beef.  Apple Jacks, McDonald’s, and Butter Cream Frosting.  Snow-cones, Broccoli, and Chick-a-lay.

Wait a minute… whats Broccoli doing on this list.  Is broccoli really anyone’s favorite.  I know daddy likes broccoli… but does he loovvve it?  Who loves broccoli?  Broccoli is so bad, it gives me the shivers.  Just thinking about it causes me to completely loose control of my face.  My face goes from this:

2014-04-26 19.49.32_compress-doc

to this:

2014-04-26 19.49.29_compress-doc

So anyway, ruling out broccoli gets me one step closer to choosing my favorite food.  Before you know it I’ll be bigger and I’ll need to have all these favorites picked out.  Let me know what your favorite food is.  You can email my mommy at and she will relay your message to me when I wake up from my nap.

Stay cute America!

Anna Catherine


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