Danyale’s Baby Shower

My first baby shower was hosted by Margaret and Mary Ellen at the beautiful Lake House in Baton Rouge. I am so thankful for the effort and time they gave up to make this day so spectacular! They blew me away with their creativity, this was the most beautiful baby shower I have ever seen.

Friends from work, pokeno, book club, and the new neighborhood were invited. I feel so blessed having so many of my friends celebrate our sweet little miracle, Anna Catherine.

Three links to photos of the event can be found toward the bottom of the page.

Hosted by:

Mary Ellen Meguire

Margaret Melancon


Lake House Reception Center


Allison Falcon

Margaret Melancon

Beautiful Facilities

Gorgeous Centerpieces

Great Turnout

Tasty Cake

Beautiful Details

Photos of Anna Catherine

Fabulous Gifts

Cute Outfits and Accessories

Anna Catherine's First Fashions

Lovely Gifts

Ellen, Mom, and Ms. Vriginia


Cute Bonnet

Great Friends