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This is where I organize and consolidate information on all my big projects.  Right now Brain and I are in the midst of constructing our new home, so that’s the biggest project at this time.  My best friends Margaret and Mary Ellen just completed my first baby shower so several pages of baby shower information can also be found here.  Over time this area will be updated to include any major endeavor I take on; possibilities range from decorating Anna Catherine’s nursery, building a raised garden, cooking my own baby food, exercise campaign,  or planning a special party.

Current Projects

  1. Lanes End

Past Projects

  1. Lake House Baby Shower

Future Projects

  1. Nursery Decor
  2. Exercise Campaign
  3. Courtyard Garden
  4. Cooking Baby Food

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New House Photos 10-31-2014

This week we see the gas lamps are installed, and the kitchen cabinets and fireplace is in progress.  Next week we should see the upper cabinets complete, fireplace complete, and hopefully the start painting.

Below are our latest photos.

The Bevolo gas lanterns are installed.  Danyale and Ellen chose the French Quarter 24″.


These two photos show the lower cabinets being installed in the Kitchen.  In the second photo you can see they have made the cut for the pass-through between the Appliance Pantry and the Kitchen. Our cabinet designer, Rodney, has designed a sliding shelf where heavy things like a kitchenaids or gumbo pots can be slid from the Appliance Pantry into the Kitchen.  It will all be concealed by the upper cabinets which Ellen and Rodney have designed to fold up and out of the way when in use.


Fire place is still under way.  Its being build by the same Romanian masons who created our balcony columns.  I believe all they have left to do is create the leaf scroll work on the left and right sides.



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New House Photos 10-10-2014

Its been a long time since our last update on our Lanes End construction project.  Things were going slow for a while. The tile floors are installed; cabinets are installed in the office, bathrooms, master closet, living room, food pantry, applicant pantry, mail drop, and laundry room. The iron railing on the balcony and stairs are complete.  So is the exterior paint.  This coming week should see the gas lamps installed as well as the kitchen and bar cabinets… If we are lucky maybe even the fireplace.

Below are our latest photos.

The balcony railing and exterior paint  is complete.



2014-08-27 16.17.13_Compress-Doc

These photos show the tile pavers for the exterior floor.


2014-09-25 14.11.56._Compress-Docjpg

2014-10-12 14.45.34_Compress-Doc

2014-10-12 14.46.01_Compress-Doc

Here we see photos of the master bath, specifically the entry, the shower, Brian’s vanity and Danyale’s vanity.



2014-09-25 14.12.30_Compress-Doc

These photos are not the best, but they try to show the two built-in dressers in the master closet.


Here are the stairs.


Entertainment center in the living room.  Still under construction.


We are very pleased with the french scroll legs for the cabinetry in Anna Catherine’s bathroom.


Mail drop area between the garage and kitchen.


2014-09-25 14.14.06_Compress-Doc

Food Pantry.


Appliance Pantry


Office built-in credenza.



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New House Photos 07-05-2014

Its been a long time since our last update on our Lanes End construction project.  Exterior columns are up, wood floors are down, interior brick arches are complete, tile is being installed in all the bathrooms, cabinetry for the whole house  is being designed.  Ellen and Danyale are working on colors and fabrics.  Its all starting to come together.

Below are our latest photos.

The balcony columns are complete, one layer of color coat has been applied to the front stucco.  Ellen and the iron guy are working on the iron railing for the balcony.

Here is an exterior shot of the Master Bedroom sitting area.

Another shot from the back yard looking at the outdoor living area.  Antique beams are up, brick fireplace and arch are complete.  Danyale and Ellen decided to paint the back doors instead of staining them.

Here you see the outdoor fireplace, and towards the right you see the large brick arch.  Eventually we will have a grill and smoker built into a brick counter under the arch.  Work on that will not begin until much later.

The brick arches between the Dining Room and Foyer are complete, and the antique pine floors are down.  The floors will be sanded and finished closer to completion.

Here is a shot of the Dining area that shows the brick and floors coming together.  The shot also shows the interaction between the Foyer, Dining Room, and Kitchen.

This is a shot coming down the stairs looking towards the Kitchen.

Here is an inside shot of the sitting area inside the Master Bedroom.  Danyale and Ellen have big plans for the window treatments and fabrics for this area.

Its hard to take photos of the Master Bath.  This shot shows the arches between my area, the tub and shower area, then Danyale’s area deeper into the photo.

Here is the wall at Ellen’s Office where the girls are choosing and coordinating all wall colors, fabric, tile, etc. for the whole house.  When I took this photo we were still driving around with Anna Catherine’s fabrics in the car.  A day or so after this photo was taken, Ellen pinned up all the choices for Anna Catherine’s room.  They were very pretty, I wish I had a photo including her colors.


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New House Photos 05-07-2014

Our new house construction on Lanes End is well underway.  This week the antique wood beams were installed, exterior doors stained,  and the outdoor fireplace is coming along.  Next week should begin installation of insulation, sheetrock, and we should finish up the last few sections of exterior brick.

Below are the latest photos:

Stained Doors

First up we see the newly stained french doors. Danyale wanted a dark stain, I really like what she chose. I can’t wait to see the front of the house once the brick is installed and painted, and the color coat is applied to the stucco arches.

Under Soffit Details

Next up we see the penetrations for the soffit mounted architectural lighting, and soffit mounted electrical receptacle. Anthony is placing architectural lighting at key exterior locations. Also, we planned to have several hidden receptacles for holiday lighting.

Ceiling Boards

Here we see a stack of old cypress boards that will be used for the patio and outdoor living room ceiling.

Exposed Beams

Next we see two of the exposed antique pine beams delineating the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Outdoor Fireplace

Here is our poor old outdoor fireplace. Its been redone so many times, nuances between the plans and real life caused some rework, but Anthony found a solution and its moving in the right direction. Soon it will be bricked in. I can’t wait to see the finished product, this outdoor space may be my favorite part of the house.

Back Door to Bar

This photo shows the back door leading to the bar and kitchen. Danyale planned to paint these doors, but they have been stained. We all think they look good, so we will leave them stained.

New House

Finally, we see the front of the house again. This time the doors are stained, second floor stucco has its color coat, the first floor arches have their architectural details added, and scratch coat installed. We are awaiting brick installation under the porch, and color coat on the first floor stucco.


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New House Photos 04-27-2014

Anthony has been hard at it, lots of work getting done to the exterior of our new house. The roof is complete, stucco and brick have been going up all week. They are making some cypress sample boards so Danyale can decide what color stain she wants for the doors.

Below are the photos for this week.

2014-04-24 09.47.14_compress-doc

Here is the view from our balcony.  Our neighbors house is so pretty, as is their landscaping.

2014-04-24 09.46.39_compress-doc

Again, from the balcony we see the tree smack dab in the middle of our driveway. We’ll have to see about getting it moved. I love our neighbors garden wall. The colors change slightly throughout the year.

2014-04-24 09.42.41_compress-doc

Here we see the brick being installed around back. The look Danyale chose calls for a mortar finish before the brick is painted.

2014-04-24 09.37.28_compress-doc

This is the brick ready to be painted. Danyale chose a gas lantern from Bevolo to hang from this wall.

2014-04-24 09.41.41_compress-doc

They have begun applying stucco around the rear of the house. When complete it will be lite, you can see a completed section on the second floor.

2014-04-24 09.41.35_compress-doc

This is a shot of the back of the house. Once complete we should have plenty of covered space to enjoy the outdoors. A pool would go great where the photographer is standing. We’ll hold off on that until Anna Catherine is older.

2014-04-24 09.34.53_compress-doc

Last but not least here is a shot of the garage ready to be painted. I wasn’t too keen on having the garage in the front of the house, but with our lot there was no other option. I’m looking forward to what Anthony, Ellen, and the landscaper do in the front of the house to soften it up and make it inviting.


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Decorating Trip To New Orleans

This week I took a quick road trip to New Orleans with my Interior Designer, Ellen Young. I have been working with Ellen ever since Brian and I bought the house in Carrington Place. She helped us update Carrington Place before we moved in and ever since we have sought her assistance decorating numerous projects. Ellen is the best and I couldn’t imagine building a new house without her assistance.

On this trip we were looking for gas lamps for the front of the house, a chandelier for the dining room, a dining table, and of course anything and everything for Anna Catherine’s nursery.


Our first stop was Fischer Gambino. Looking for chandeliers in New Orleans can difficult, there are several antiques, and they all have hefty antique prices. Ellen turned us on to Fischer Gambino because they have a fabulous selection of new products, and “new” when shopping for chandeliers means “within our budget”. Brian and I looked here in January, he loved everything he saw, I am a bit more particular. On this trip I still didn’t see a chandelier I had to have. Ellen loves this rocking-elephant and is trying to work it into Anna Catherine’s nursery.

2014-04-24 11.37.25_compress-doc


2014-04-24 12.34.53_compress-doc
Next stop was Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights. Bevolo began in the french quarter in 1945 and has been making beautiful historically accurate copper gas lamps ever since then. We will have 3 large hanging gas lamps under the front porch, and another one hanging from the garage. Here is a photo of the style we chose, although ours will be one size larger.


Lastly we stopped at Georgian Furnishing to look once more at the dining room table being made for us. Our dining room is large so we need a grand table that makes a statement and will not be swallowed up by the room. We did not want a dainty table that is never used; our aim is to strike a cord in-between formal and every day.  The photo shows the pattern I chose for the captains chairs.
2014-04-24 18.01.03_compress-doc


New House Photos 04-20-2014

Progress continues on our new house at Lanes End, exterior doors have been installed, stucco on the second floor has begun, and the pre-wiring for the lights, electricity, home automation, audio, and video distribution systems are complete.  Brick should be going up soon, then insulation and drywall.

Anthony has a lead on some old planks from Chicago for the hardwood floors.  If acceptable they will be shipped to the mill and made ready for our house.

Here are the latest photos:

2014-04-20 15.52.13_compress-doc

First up is the front of the house.  You can see all the doors on the first and second floor are installed.  They are cypress and will be stained once we get to that phase.  You can also see the stucco being applied to the second floor balcony area, there are multiple layers of stucco this appears to be an early layer.  I almost forgot about the roof, the shingles are being installed.  Danyale tells me their color in the photo looks darker than in real life.


2014-04-20 15.52.57_compress-doc

Next up we have a view of the living room, we’ve see a similar photo like this before at an angle, this time we are looking straight toward the back of the house. You can see the beginnings of the fireplace box on the left. The wood posts in the foreground will be exposed brick arches eventually.


2014-04-20 15.54.02_compress-doc

Here we have a shot of the beginnings of the fireplace in the outdoor living room.  This area will have a large exposed beam vaulted ceiling.  Anthony is concerned about smoke accumulation coming off the barbecue pit being trapped in the vaulted ceiling.  We’ll probably install some kind of powered vent in the ceiling, Anthony has a call out to our appliance dealer for a solution.


2014-04-20 15.54.46_compress-doc

Lastly we have a view of the dining room and foyer.  This photo gives us a different angle on the front door, allowing us to see how the stairway intersects with the foyer.  Again, those wooden columns will be exposed brick arches once everything is complete.

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Early Dining Room Photo

Here is an early look at our dining room.  The area is 11′ x 21′.  To the left of the photo is the kitchen, to the right where the men are standing is the foyer.  The dining room and foyer will be separated by three brink arches.  The dining room window should have a great view overlooking the front courtyard.  I was worried the courtyard might have too much shade and not enough sunlight for growing plants, but this photo shows plenty of light outside that window.   The plants will probably still need to be shade loving, but at least we know the area gets some sun.

As somewhat of  a bonus, I’m happy to get a glimpse of our front door installed.  I knew it was coming soon, seeing it up already is a surprise.

2014-04-15 11 32 42_compress-doc

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Installing Windows

This week our windows were installed.  This first photo shows the windows in the master bedroom sitting area.  I think this area overlooking the back yard will be very nice, the five windows allow a lot of light into the bedroom.  We’ll install automatic shades to to keep the room dark when we are sleeping in.

Master Windows



Next we see the windows in the living room looking toward the back yard and the outdoor living room.

Living Room Windows



Here is the window at the kitchen sink.  Danyale wanted a big window for this area.  The picture can be deceiving, the window is 6.33 feet wide and should let a lot of light into the kitchen.

Kitchen Window



Finally here is the front of the house with house wrap installed, If you look closely you can see the dining room window at center right overlooking the courtyard.  The six remaining openings at the front of the house are french doors which are not yet installed.  I can’t wait to see the same photo with doors, brick, and stucco installed.

Dining Window

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Friends Host First Baby Shower

Baby Shower

My first baby shower was hosted by Margaret and Mary Ellen at the beautiful Lake House in Baton Rouge. I am so thankful for the effort and time they gave up to make this day so spectacular! They blew me away with their creativity, this was the most beautiful baby shower I have ever seen.

Friends from work, pokeno, book club, and the new neighborhood were invited. I feel so blessed having so many of my friends celebrate our sweet little miracle, Anna Catherine.

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