About My Family

Danyale Thibodeaux

Full-Time Mom, Domestic CEO, Boss

Banker, Nurse, Chef; there isn’t anything this girl can’t do.  Originally from Pineville Louisiana, Danyale moved to Baton Rouge in 2000 to work with the biggest names in the banking sector.  In 2014 she is focused on raising her sweet baby girl and keep tabs on her wonderful husband.  When she is not dressing her baby in the cutest fashions she can be found strolling the neighborhood, reading in the park, or being the life of the party.

  • Beauty 100%
  • Brains 95%
  • Bingo 75%

Brian Thibodeaux

Father, Project Management Professional

First and foremost Brian’s job is to be the best Father and Husband to his sweet baby girl and his amazing wife.  When he is not doing those things companies pay him to manage projects around the world.  He’s spent several years deployed to Djibouti Africa, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.  His interests are running small businesses, stock trading, and reading.

  • Strength 85%
  • Financial Prowess 90%
  • Handy Man 45%

Anna Catherine

Cutey Patuty

Anna Catherine is the cutest baby around.  Born on February 1, 2014 she tipped the scales at 1 lb 4 oz and was a staggering 11.6 inches tall.  She spends most of her days growing.  When she is not growing she is usually sleeping in preparation to grow some more.  Her favorite sleeping position is upright against her mothers chest.  When she cant do that she prefers sleeping on her belly.   Her hobbies are listening to Mommy and Daddy sing songs about her, making “Big Girl Eyes”, and audio-books.

  • Cuteness 100%
  • Bubbles 85%
  • Chores 25%

Our Family Values

Make Time

Make the most of your time together.  Read a book together, plan a trip, pursue your dreams… there is never a better time than now to spend with each other.

Plan and Dream Big

Identify your dreams.  Learn the dreams of your loved ones.  Plan to make those dreams a reality.  Invest in each other and develop things in common.

Play and Have Fun

Laugh, play games, have fun and enjoy life.  You will have a good time and people will enjoy being around you.

Clear Comminication

Speak and listen to each other often.  Talk about your dreams and goals.   Actively and frequently discuss our plans.  The more we know about each other the happier we all will be.

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