Last week we found out that the Miss USA team wanted to pay me a visit.  All the pretty contestants are in Baton Rouge for the big Miss USA pageant this week.  The girls wanted to swing by and  talk to us, take some photos, videos, and learn about the great team working at Woman’s hospital.

Mommy asked the doctor and the doctor said:  “Anna Catherine you are doing so good.  Your friends from Miss USA can come visit as long as they wash their hands real good and take their temperature.”

Gigi, Mommy, and I were real excited.   Gigi made me a pretty pink sash that read “Miss NICU”.  The nurses hung pretty letters over my crib that spelled my name.

Miss NICU Sash

Sleepy Miss NICU


I was in the middle of a good nap when all my friends from Miss USA came to see me.  I could hardly open my eyes.  At best I could only open one eye at a time.  For the most part I slept during all of this excitement.  But thirty minutes after all the excitement was over I was wide awake and ready to play.  Go figure.

Sleepy Miss NICU


The girls talked to Mommy for a long time asking all kind of questions about me.  They were so nice and friendly. They signed my blanket with sweet messages and gave me a beautiful tiara.

Miss USA Contestants talk to Mommy


Miss USA gave me a tiara

We took many photos; Woman’s Hospital put one of me and the Miss USA contestants their Facebook page.



Thank you Woman’s Hospital and Miss USA, this was a wonderful experience.


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