This week our windows were installed.  This first photo shows the windows in the master bedroom sitting area.  I think this area overlooking the back yard will be very nice, the five windows allow a lot of light into the bedroom.  We’ll install automatic shades to to keep the room dark when we are sleeping in.

Master Windows



Next we see the windows in the living room looking toward the back yard and the outdoor living room.

Living Room Windows



Here is the window at the kitchen sink.  Danyale wanted a big window for this area.  The picture can be deceiving, the window is 6.33 feet wide and should let a lot of light into the kitchen.

Kitchen Window



Finally here is the front of the house with house wrap installed, If you look closely you can see the dining room window at center right overlooking the courtyard.  The six remaining openings at the front of the house are french doors which are not yet installed.  I can’t wait to see the same photo with doors, brick, and stucco installed.

Dining Window

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