This week I took a quick road trip to New Orleans with my Interior Designer, Ellen Young. I have been working with Ellen ever since Brian and I bought the house in Carrington Place. She helped us update Carrington Place before we moved in and ever since we have sought her assistance decorating numerous projects. Ellen is the best and I couldn’t imagine building a new house without her assistance.

On this trip we were looking for gas lamps for the front of the house, a chandelier for the dining room, a dining table, and of course anything and everything for Anna Catherine’s nursery.


Our first stop was Fischer Gambino. Looking for chandeliers in New Orleans can difficult, there are several antiques, and they all have hefty antique prices. Ellen turned us on to Fischer Gambino because they have a fabulous selection of new products, and “new” when shopping for chandeliers means “within our budget”. Brian and I looked here in January, he loved everything he saw, I am a bit more particular. On this trip I still didn’t see a chandelier I had to have. Ellen loves this rocking-elephant and is trying to work it into Anna Catherine’s nursery.

2014-04-24 11.37.25_compress-doc


2014-04-24 12.34.53_compress-doc
Next stop was Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights. Bevolo began in the french quarter in 1945 and has been making beautiful historically accurate copper gas lamps ever since then. We will have 3 large hanging gas lamps under the front porch, and another one hanging from the garage. Here is a photo of the style we chose, although ours will be one size larger.


Lastly we stopped at Georgian Furnishing to look once more at the dining room table being made for us. Our dining room is large so we need a grand table that makes a statement and will not be swallowed up by the room. We did not want a dainty table that is never used; our aim is to strike a cord in-between formal and every day.  The photo shows the pattern I chose for the captains chairs.
2014-04-24 18.01.03_compress-doc