Roller-Coaster Face

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do when I get bigger. One thing that is one my mind is roller-coasters.

My cousins are 5 and 3 years older than me,  so they will have much more experience doing things like eating dipped ice-cream cones, petting puppy dogs, and riding roller-coasters. I’m sure before too long we’ll find ourselves riding roller-coasters together. I don’t want them thinking I’m a baby and don’t know what I’m doing, so I have been practicing my roller-coaster face.

If I understand the rules correctly one must close your eyes and raise your hands in the air and say “weee” when the roller-coaster goes real fast. This creates the appropriate roller-coaster face like an experienced roller-coaster pro. I have been practicing my roller-coaster face when my swaddling gets loose enough.

2014-04-22 18.03.03_compress-doc

Let me know if you see any things I can do to improve my roller-coaster face. Before I know it I’ll be riding them with my cousins so I want to get it right. You can email my mommy at and she will relay your message to me when I wake up from my nap.

Stay cute America!

Anna Catherine


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Easter Dress By Gi Gi

My Gi Gi made me an Easter Dress, actually she made me a couple Easter dresses.  I started growing so fast, before we knew it I was too big for my original dress.  So Gi Gi made me a bigger dress that was purple and full of ruffles.

On Easter Mommy dressed me, and played with me. Friends and family gave me lots of clothes, cards, and stuffed animals. We had a photo party with 7 nurses joining in to help out. I was fussy at first, but we ended up having so much fun. I love all my nurses and I love my Mommy!

Sorry Gi Gi, I know you worked so hard on my first dress.  I’ll make it up to you with big-big kisses next Easter.

2014-04-20 11.16.54_compress-doc


Anna Catherine


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