Hey ya’ll just a quick update to let you know I’m 4 months old.  I am getting taller, measuring 16.5 inches and I weigh 4 lbs 12.5 oz.   

Anna Catherine

I like to suck my pacifier, ride in my swing, and be held by my mommy every day!

I have been working very hard getting off of the ventilator .  First the doctors downgraded me from the ventilator to vapotherm;  As of yesterday I have been downgraded from vapotherm to a high flow cannula.  My mommy tells me how proud she is of me; I’m breathing like a big girl!

Mommy has been busy with me and with the new house.  She met with Ellen to pick out fabric for drapes, my drapes are going to be so pretty!  Mommy also met with Anthony and Ellen to discuss our cabinets for the house, this was not nearly as much fun as the fabric!

Stay cute America,

Anna Catherine

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