Hey ya’ll just a quick update to let you know I’m 4 lbs 14.6 oz.   I am also getting taller, measuring in at 15.75 inches.

I am so happy to be almost 5 pounds.  Mommy cant believe how much I have grown from my birth weight of 1 lbs 4 oz.   All this growing should soon accelerate because I am now up to full feeds for the first time ever.  10 days ago I had a successful surgery so now I’m getting fed solely by milk… so bye-bye lipids (fat) and by-by TPN (nutrients).  

Also yesterday I noticed the rain-forest mobile grandma bought me.  I love watching the the pretty birds fly around before falling asleep.


You can see all of my progress reports and photos on my dedicated webpage.   If you want to send me a message you can email my mommy at ThibodeauxMom@live.com and she will relay your message to me when I wake up from my nap.

Stay cute America,

Anna Catherine

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