When you are a baby it is important to master the art of yawning.  Many babies in the NICU take their cuteness for granted and develop sloppy yawning techniques.  Neither baby nor adult onlookers get maximum satisfaction from a hastily executed yawn or a yawn with minimal effort.  Today I have put together a four part guide and photo demonstration to help babies’ worldwide master the art of yawning.

Step one is to begin from a rested state.  A yawn takes a lot of energy when you are less than 4 pounds, therefore it is essential that you begin from a well-rested state.  It also amplifies the cuteness when you frame the event between innocent baby rest poses.

Yawn Step 1

Step two is to start slow.  You don’t want to overdo it, remember you were just born and not as strong as those 10 pound babies swinging from the rafters in dolphin section. Ease into the yawn; make sure no hoses are in the way and that the tape wont pull your cheeks.  An added benefit is that this gives all the mommies a chance to whip out their camera in time for the grand finale.

Yawn Step 2

Step three is where you give it all you got.  Maximize airflow by squinching your eyes, tucking your chin, and mouth open wide.  You know you’re doing it right if you can feel a tingle in your spine towards the back of your neck.  Correct posture here is essential, a last minute cramp once you begin can ruin the whole thing.

Yawn Step 3

Step four is where you hold it.  This is the step when most babies give up, but I find that you can get triple the outcome if you just hold it a few seconds longer.  Remember mommies don’t always get the perfect shot with their smartphone and may need to adjust focus, or take it out of video mode.  That’s why I push my yawn out an extra few seconds; you get more essential airflow and give everyone time to get off the couch and see your performance.  Because I started in a well-rested state I have the spare energy to really go all out, giving mommy 110% during this time.  Step four is a little extra work but it’s guaranteed to maximize results. You’ll feel better and the adults watching you will be twice as happy.

Yawn Step 4

That’s all there is to it, with a little practice you’ll be yawning like a pro.  I hope you enjoyed my four steps to a successful yawn.  Try these techniques for yourself and let me know how they work for you.  You can email my Mommy at ThibodeauxMom@live.com, she will relay your messages to me when I wake up from my nap.

Stay Cute America!

Anna Catherine

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